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FOHER = For Her.

TRIATHLON = The ultimate form of active living.

Here at FOHER, we live and breath triathlon, and womens specific triathlon clothing is our game. Your satisfaction truly is our top priority! If you aren't happy, we aren't happy!

For so many people, their journey into triathlon begins as a spectator or supporter at an event. First thoughts on seeing competitors usually run to 'These people are stark raving mad!!'. But when they see the elation, the emotion and the pure joy on participants faces at crossing that finish line and smashing through those barriers, thoughts may run to 'I want that!'.

Let's be real here. Life throws curly balls at us all the time. So why not throw a curly one back? Take control of your life and begin a new journey. Let a little thought creep into your mind, 'I can do that!". You know what? YES YOU CAN!!! Why not combine three sports into one and tackle a triathlon? Swimming, cycling and running. Its addictive, its fun, its life changing.

Need a change? YOU be the change.  

When you slip on a FOHER suit, you join our global team of FOHETTES fuelling their tri-fire around the planet. Ladies who are taking their first step, maybe just like you. Or ladies looking for that edge in their performance, just like you!

When you pass another FOHETTE on course, smash her a high five and yell some support! That's what FOHER is all about - creating a community of women that genuinely care about and support each other whilst on their journey to a long, active, fit and healthy lifestyle. Women motivating, supporting and encouraging each other, because there isn't enough of that out there today. 

Every FOHER print is designed in-house in Australia and produced in very limited quantities. This means that your printed garment is most definitely limited edition.

FOHER caters for women of all shapes and sizes, from XXS (or smaller) to 4XL (or larger). If you don't see your size, please email us!


'I was undecided about whether I needed a new tri suit, but let me tell you that I'm so glad I bought it! It was super comfortable. I don't think I had to adjust it once during the race, and absolutely no signs of rubbing or discomfort. I can't wait to try it out at my next 70.3 race in Cairns.  I also noticed a few ladies wearing the other colours on the day and they looked really lovely. Triathlon clothing has NEVER appealed to me. I want something that is technically the highest quality but still looks beautiful, and without too much branding plastered all over it. You guys have done a great job with your range.' MICHELLE QUE

'I loved racing in my FOHER kit! It was a dream to ride and run in! Keep a look out for them, they're amazing!' COURTNEY HOME

'I got sooooo many comments and it is by far the most comfortable suit I've ever worn. All I can say is its PERFECT!' TARYN AXELSON

AND THEN.... 'I truly appreciate my FOHER suit even more now. I wore *a competitor* suit yesterday and my poor little private area was cut to threads (rubbing) ..... Not one ounce of rubbing in my FOHER suit! Lucky I get to wear FOHER again in 4 weeks at port Mac!' TARYN AXELSON

'I felt amazingly comfortable in my beautiful FOHER “Heiro” kit. It sat so well and there was not a sign of fabric chaffing in sight which is a big thumbs up for me as I usually end up with it under my arms! It was awesome seeing the other Fohette’s out on course and looking strong too. They definitely stood out!' KATIE DALL