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FOHER Co Ambassador Program

FOHER has evolved since the launch of the Company at Noosa Triathlon and Multisport Festival in 2014. Our humble start as FOHER Multisport Woman saw us launch with just two different styles of triathlon suits and a range of bright and funky leggings and run singlets for women. Fast forward to 2019, we have evolved to FOHER Co and are now proudly offering a broad range of premium triathlon and cycling apparel for men and women. So why the Co? Well, to us the Co is everything. It represents our Company, our Community, the Companionship. It represents the Core of who and what we are. 

FOHER Co is truly becoming an international force, and with every year we are growing thanks to the incredible community of athletes and supporters who share our fierce passion for our sport, and of course expect excellence and comfort in their performance apparel.

Each year, we place a call for Brand Ambassadors. We hand select women and men that we believe personify the FOHER Co brand philosophy. That is, we are searching for folk whose passion for the sport of triathlon and each of its disciplines, their commitment to excellence, and their dedication to the support of others is paramount and central to their daily routine. As a brand we love giving back when we can. Our Ambassadors are able to spread the FOHER Co message far and wide, from grass roots level to the upper echelons on our behalf.

2019 has been a special year for our Ambassador Program. We welcomed FOBRO's to our Ambassador ranks and oh wow the incredible dynamic that has been created is next level. We actively encourage a fun and larrikin spirit, an enjoyment of our sport, and expect no less than high fives and smiles all round. If you are bettering your self and achieving your goals, you are winning.

Feel free to email info@foher.co if you have any questions at all about our Ambassador Program.

 A special Post - Mooloolaba Triathlon Tips and Tricks from one of our Inaugural FOBROS Seano Clancy aka Goofy!



#MooTri is upon us and here are your comprehensive MooTri tips thanks to the guy int he GOOFY hat because failing to plan is planning to fail!


The best advice is to visualise your entire race, thinking about what you will need and what you will do in each leg and transition. It's too late to wish for better fitness (sorry), but we can always use those final days leading into a race to plan and prepare. This will improve your efficiency on the day as well as settles some of those butterflies.

Your Saturday is about getting yourself set up: Drink extra fluid (water AND electrolyte) throughout the day, eat some nutritious food (saving any treats as a reward for AFTER the race) and don't use up too much energy. You only have 2 official tasks today:

1. Register and collect your race pack from check-in, and 
2. Rack your bike with its number sticker attached.
While in transition, I'd recommend staying for a tour so you learn the ins & outs (entry and exit) for each leg. This will aid your visualisation of your race day movements.
Your ‪Sunday morning‬ is to finalise the setup of your bike then getting on with the show. You will lay out your bike and run accessories in a logical order (eg. helmet and glasses on top, run shoes and race number under) then take your swimming gear with you.


The m-shaped course is simple. You will congregate on shore about 500m East of the Mooloolaba Surf Club and start with the rest of your age group / category as per the Wave Start list. Negotiating the breaking waves doesn't have to be daunting, nor does swimming in general. If you don't feel confident in the ocean, pay attention to these simple tips:
1. Dive under the water before a wave gets to you and hold the sand momentarily before pushing off the bottom. Always dive with outstretched arms to protect your head from a possible shallow sandbank.
2. Get into a comfortably rhythm and try to breathe normally. Lift your head every 20m or so to check your alignment with the buoys and use the splashing of other competitors as a guide too.
3. If you don't wish to catch a wave when returning through the break, simply dive under the waves as you did on the way out.
You will exit the water aligned with the steps adjacent the Loo with a View.

Now that you can kiss dry land again, it's time to remove your cap and goggles as you proceed up the steps adjacent the Loo with a View and cross the road to transition. Because you did a Transition Tour on Saturday (you did, right?), your visualising comes into play; run through the Swim Entry, find your rack and subsequently, your bike. Donate your cap and goggles to the confines of your personal space and secure your helmet / glasses and shoes (if not already attached to your bike). Remove your bike from its rack and proceed to the Cycle Exit.


This is a simple out and back course, 20km each way. The only tricky part is the tight corners at the start and end so be extra cautious, especially if the sky is crying. The rest is easy going; stay left unless overtaking, consume some fluid and fuel during your spin, don't push too hard up hills or into the wind and save your legs for the run to come.


While riding the last few km's, visualise your next moves. You've returned to the transition in Mooloolaba and reach the dismount line where you disembark in fashionable style with grace and elegance... yeah? Proceed through the Cycle Entry and find your rack where your shoes eagerly await your soul (yes, punny). Rack your bike then remove your helmet (must occur in this order) before making your way to the Run Exit.


You've saved some energy for this final 10km stretch. You can do it. Go out steady and pick up the pace, allowing some slower stages during each climb over the Alex Hill. This is only short, but you'll go up it 3 times so save yourself for the flat and that final descent to the finish line. With hydration, drink most of your fluid during the bike leg so your run only requires sips from the aid stations and possibly 1 gel (hit of sugar). Most importantly, throw some high fives and encouragement around! GOOFY will be out there lifting spirits!