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Anna's Top Tips - Q&A

With Sunny Coast 70.3 only a few days away we caught up with Anna Jefferies our Pro Athlete who will be lining up against some big guns in womens triathlon on Sunday. Anna has shared some great tips and tricks along with some inside thoughts from behind the professional female triathlete line:

H: What do you love about racing on the Sunshine Coast?

A: I live here! Racing on my stomping grounds with family and friends supporting me is always special, and also getting to sleep in my own bed pre-race and not having any travel. 

H: What has gone well with your preparation leading in to racing pro at Sunny Coast 70.3?
A:I had a much needed break for a few weeks after Busso in May. This recharged my batteries and I've had a consistent lead up to SC70.3. I also recognised that I couldn't keep up the same training load as I have before with other commitments taking up more of my time, so I have balanced everything really well and I'm feeling strong and race-ready. 

H. What advice would you give to a newbie female triathlete?
A: Enjoying the process is number 1!! 
Don't over-complicate. 
No need to get caught up in getting all the gear when you're starting out. 

H. How important is goal setting?
A: Very - no matter what your level, having a goal gives you something to aim for. Make it challenging for yourself but realistic, and give yourself a pat on the back when you nail it! 

H: If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? 
A: Having the 'all or nothing' attitude in my last year as elite U23. 

H: How do you prepare yourself mentally for a race?
A: In the days before, try to relax and don't overthink the race (you can spend a lot of mental energy getting nervous). The day before I make sure I am clear with the course and mentally rehearsing it with key things I want to achieve in the race. Pre-race I like to have plenty of time so I'm not rushing, I sometimes like to listen to music, and finding a quiet spot for a few mins of deep breathing is a must-do for me before my swim warm up.  

H: As a professional athlete, what are some of your recovery techniques within the first 24 hours after a race?
A: Rehydrate, get a good meal in as soon as the sick feeling goes away, have a light stretch (although most of the time this one is a good intention that doesn't happen and I regret it the next day haha). Nothing fancy here. 

H: What are your favorite pre- and post-race meals?
A: Pre-race go-to is a small bowl of honey oats, 2 pieces of jam toast and an orange juice. 
Post-race - depends a lot, but I usually like a burger and chips in the afternoon

H: How do you fuel mid-race?
A: I use Infinite and gels and a homemade cookie or 2 

H: What is your pet peeve?
A: During racing it's those people who pass you and then ease up. So annoying 

H: What are your thoughts on athletes who use drugs in the sport of triathlon?
A: Not something to be taken lightly. I think there needs to be more athlete education to help with inadvertent doping. Also, (in an ideal world) more funding put towards drug testing more people both pros and age-group athletes. 

H: What are your favourite local hang outs in Mooloolaba? 
A: The beach section just before Alex head on the rocks 

H: Best place in Mooloolaba for coffee?
A: Zephyr bar

H. Fun fact about you?
A: I'm studying nutrition and dietetics at uni and I'm super passionate about it and can't wait to be qualified next year!
Thanks so much for sharing your insights Anna, good luck on Sunday and give em hell out there!

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  • Katie says :
    Aug 22, 2018 at 08:14 PM
    What great insight! Thanks Anna and FOHER for sharing. I'm so inspired by all you amazing girls achieving these big goals! Good luck on the weekend....trust your training.xx

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