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Annelise Jefferies Professional Triathlete

FOHER would like to welcome Annelise Jefferies as the first of our Professional Women's line up for 2018.

We are extremely excited to have Anna representing FOHER on the International Elite Women's Triathlon and National Elite Women's Cycling scene.

Here is a little more from Anna as she lines up to race the Road Nationals commencing on the 3rd January in Ballarat.

Annelise Jefferies 

I’m Anna and I live and train as a professional triathlete on Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

I have been racing triathlons since 2011 with a background of middle distance and cross country running at school. In 2013 I earned my professional licence at Noosa Tri and raced the ITU circuit in Australia and Asia. In 2015 I won the Elite U23 Duathlon World Championship. This past year I have stepped up to the long distance 70.3 racing. I’ve made some rookie errors in the 70.3s I’ve raced so far, but I’m learning the long course ropes quickly and look forward to a successful year in 2018.

This year I’ve also loved dabbling in some QRTS and NRS cycling racing and some trail and road running races.

What motivates me: I've very goal driven, but ultimately I want to get the best out of myself and live up to my potential. I love that feeling of what I call 'flow' - when I'm in great form and I can take myself to a place in training and racing where my body is in 'super-fluidity' or perfect rhythm. My mind goes almost blank and lets my body take over. Sounds a bit weird, but it's an amazing feeling. 

Why I love triathlon: the challenge! Also; the comradeship in the sport, the friends and connections I've made through the sport, and personal growth. 

Other than triathlon: I like baking, going to the beach, romantic date nights, and I have a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and I'm currently finishing my Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (USC). 

I'd love for you to check out my personal blog for more detail and updates on my race schedule and adventures along the way. 


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