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Introducing Pro Off-Road Triathlete Leela Hancox

FOHER has been following Leela for some time now and loved watching her progress from an Age Group triathlete racing on and off-road triathlon and now as a professional off-road triathlete.

We are incredibly proud to have Leela flying the FOHER Flag as she takes on her most grueling year of competition to date.

We caught up with Leela and spent some time watching her ripping up the hills of Cootha. There is something quite magical about mountain biking. We enjoyed the fresh air and nothing but trees and tracks surrounding us.

We wish Leela the absolute best in her first official year as a professional athlete. So without further delay...

Leela Hancox Off Road Triathlete

My name is Leela Hancox and I live and train as a Professional Cross-triathlete in Brisbane, Queensland.  

I have been racing cross-triathlon since 2014, and as a professional since December 2016, after having been awarded my professional licence. My sporting background is on-road triathlons and ultra trail running and outrigging.  Over the past 12 months I have achieved a world ranking of 14th at the ITU Word Cross Triathlon Championships, 7th XTERRA Asia-Pacific Tour and am ranked 2nd Nationally. 

Cross Triathlon combines all three disciplines that I love; swimming, mountain biking and trail running. I made the switch from on-road to off-road as a result of a stress fracture in my foot, that just wouldn't heal. From that point on, I was addicted and haven't looked back since. For the record; I wasn't always a mountain biker and it's taken some serious time on the bike to up-skill my abilities. Literately blood, sweat and tears! 

2018 will see me racing the Xterra Asia-Pacific Tour, commencing on the 4th March, XTERRA Albay, Legaspi, Philippines and concluding in May with XTERRA Tahiti. All going to plan this should see my achieve a place at the XTERRA World Championship in October. 

Leela Hancox Professional Off-Road Triathlete

A little about me: I'm very goal/results driven and disciplined, however ultimately I am in love with the process of seeing how far, my mind and body will take me. I see that I have been gifted with this opportunity to race as a professional, and in doing so, I wish to share my adventures with, inspire and help motivate others, for I believe that result of a race does not define who I am, it's how I carry myself through a race, that provides the greatest rewards.  

Leela Hancox for FOHER Co

If you'd like to follow my 2018 adventures, please check out my personal blog, for race reports, notes, photos and updates on my race schedule. 


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