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Support Women.  Be Sustainable.  Be Ethical.  Be Aware.  Your Choice.

Wouldn't it be amazing if every woman and girl believed in themselves? That's what we at FOHER want and we believe that FOHER can help.  

We also want to ensure FOHER is contributing to a sustainable future through our manufacturing processes.

We are aiming for FOHER to become the leader in the Women's Multisport Apparel Market and for our customers to absolutely love everything about our kit.

The FOHER philosophy is simple.

Support other women and girls

So many women and girls struggle. How do you learn to love and accept yourself, to overcome low self esteem, to empower and believe in yourself, to push through 'those' days where nothing good seems to be happening? We firmly believe that by moving, by exercising, by working out you can overcome so many issues and find that positivity that helps you to reach for the finding your common ground and a holistic balance in life.

Founding Fohette Kylie suffered from undiagnosed Post Natal Depression for almost a year following the birth of her son. It was only when her doctor prescribed her anti-depressants that she realised something was very wrong. She set about to make small changes every day. With professional support, she began to introduce exercise into her life, slow and steady, step by step, and slowly things began improving.  Kylie firmly believes that no matter how low things can get, how bad your life seems, if you want to make a change you can. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Always feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Support Australian Made

Consumers today are more aware and are beginning to question where and how their clothing was made. As Australian born and bred gals, we are proud to be Aussies and we are passionate about promoting our beautiful country. Despite many people telling us we were crazy, we made a conscious decision early on in our FOHER journey to manufacture in Australia. We support Australian made and by offering you the choice to shop locally, we hope you will too.

Ethical Manufacturing

We want our ladies to value the true meaning of handmade, limited edition, and environmentally aware products. By eschewing the generic, mass-produced merchandise, you are contributing to the rise of 'responsible fashion'. That is, the value of your clothing lies as much in its origin, it materials and the hands that made it as it does in its price tag. If you demand it, we will make it.

Just like FOHER, our garment manufacturers are a family run, wholly Australian owned business. They are accredited with and therefore manufacture under strict Ethical Clothing Australian guidelines, so you can be sure that you are wearing clothing that is made under ethical working conditions and meets the highest manufacturing standards. Each FOHER garment is unique in its construction, and takes on it's own personality.  

We will never price match with an offshore manufacturer. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the current monthly wage of an average adult Australian is roughly $5600. In China, it’s $295.31 per month, but in many provinces it’s much, much less (China Labour Bulletin 10 June 2013). A common practice is for Chinese factories to outsource to countries like Bangladesh, where the monthly wage is as low as $35. Workers there often face substandard workplace safety conditions, and incredibly, major brands recently rejected a proposal to increase safety at their Bangladesh factories because it was not ‘financially feasible’ for them (Huffington Post 5 December 2013). FOHER will always place priority on the ethical manufacture of our products so that you can be sure your multisport apparel is of the highest quality and standard, fully controlled by us personally.

Ecofriendly All The Way

We love our beautiful Australian environment and believe in the value of international conservation. We want future generations of multisport athletes to enjoy what we have, the stunning natural climes over which we traverse, and the oceans in which we train and race.

Our chosen fabric is produced in a sustainable, eco-compatible way whereby the manufacturing processes meet international standards in environmental management and are designed to save natural resources and to minimise or prevent emissions into the environment. The key characteristics of our fabrics allow the environmental impact of the product to be reduced to a minimum for it's entire life. Additionally, our performance range fabrics do not contain or release substances that are harmful to human health and represents a consumer protection standard in the textile and apparel sector.