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'Giving up is not an option'. We are delighted to introduce you to Rita Pauperio, one of our incredible FOHER Ambassadors. Rita lives and breathes triathlon in Portugal, and is incredibly passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle (which she does beautifully through her instagram account), and supporting women to achieving great things in their sport and inspiring them to conquer their dreams. Rita has had to overcome incredible personal adversity on her own journey, and, in her own words, admitted it was difficult to share her story because of the pain and memories involved. We are very pleased she did, as it is her hope that her story will transmit hope, courage and inspirateion for all the women that, for one reason or another, feel disabled or diminished.

We are behind you all the way Rita, and are honoured to have you as an Ambassador.

'Hello, I am Rita, a 35 years old designer and dreamer from Portugal. I don't know quite well how to define myself as I see my life as an open narrative, but resiliency is a well known word and I praise it very much. I don't take things for granted and life taught me this the hardest way.

I have always led an active life with a strong affection for sports but triathlon is a recent passion. I come from a ballet and contemporary dance background and these will be in my heart and body forever. Who once dances from the heart, dances for life.

Rita during her dancing days

I was 26 when I was diagnosed with a stage 3 colon cancer and my life just turned upside down in the blink of an eye. You are never expecting that kind of news. It felt like an endless nightmare, but in that second I knew what it was truly important and what it was not. I realized that I have the best people around me and that love can really make the difference. My family and friends were my support and strength. I had to convince my soul and spirit that the only thing that was up to me – to keep myself positive – I just had to do. I know that it may sound simple but it was the hardest thing I have ever endured in my life. I guess that without these struggles I wouldn’t have found my strength.

FOHER Ambassador Rita and Family

I battled for some months after surgery with radio and chemotherapy and fortunately I had the best doctors around me, everything turned out the best way possible and I am here. I am here fighting the soul and body consequences of this harsh battle. Due to the treatments I had to endure I can no longer have children and that is, without a doubt, the greatest sadness of it all. Like a hole that is there forever.

It's really hard to say it out loud because there are deep scars and fears that live with me daily, but there is also hope, positive vibes and the strong belief that I have to make the best out of my life. For me and for the ones I love. I don't have any other choice, you see? But to make it mean something. And no one can do it for me.

After this dark hour I found myself enjoying the simple pleasure of an healthy life and the value of family time. I kept on dancing and discovered surf and the love for the ocean that was right there, at my front door. Surfing gave me the confidence to face the obstacles in my daily routine, the basic stuff you know, like eating and going to the toilet, and the inner peace to understand that I can't rush things. That everything takes time and effort and that it's easier to give excuses than to put yourself out there fighting for your dreams.

FOHER Ambassador Rita and Surfing

I found the love of my life and got the sweetest step son I could have dreamt of. Together we have been walking in the same direction and because of him I discovered the amazing world of triathlon. I guess he believes in me more than I do. I started running and even bought a road bicycle. Riding my bike is now one of my favourite things to do and I had no idea how empowering it could be.


FOHER Ambassador Rita and Family


In the middle of 2015 an herniated disc in my lower back that was causing me huge pain sent me to surgery room once again and I cried my heart out as I struggled to come back with one goal in mind: finishing my first triathlon. It was really hard to convince myself that it would take time and patience to come back again and that if I had fought cancer it wouldn’t be an herniated disc to tear me down. Sometimes we found ourselves in really dark places… and it was my love for the sport that made me get out of bed every day and believe I would be able to come back even stronger.

 I found out last year, finishing the olympic plus Cascais Triathlon, that actually I can believe in myself and that dreams do come true. Challenge Lisboa, in may 2017, is the next challenge and, who knows, maybe I will get the courage to face the long distance! It will take a lot of effort, dedication and, above all, belief in myself. Support from the ones around me I know that I already have.

 FOHER Ambassador Triathlete Rita

I’m blessed and so thankful about my life and triathlon, now, is the way I chose to cherish it because it makes me feel capable and strong again. The feeling that you can do anything you set your mind to, overcoming your disabilities and turning weaknesses into strength, is the legacy I want to leave to the ones around me.'

FOHER Triathlon Womens Female Trisuit, Apparel, Kit

FOHER Triathlon Womens Female Trisuit, Apparel, Kit

FOHER Triathlon Womens Female Trisuit, Apparel, Kit

 Image: Rita absolutely ripping it up on course.




We first met Brooke a few years ago through her social media accounts. Her ability to tell the honest, real story meant an instant connection on many different levels. When daughter Matilda arrived in 2015, her first months were super tough and to use her own words, Brooke literally took to the trenches to survive. Tildy has grown into an incredibly cheeky and charming little girl and is her Mum's biggest fan. We think Brooke has emerged a stronger and more confident woman, and is an incredible role model for Matilda as she hits the tri trail this year. We are delighted to have Brooke on board as an Official Fohette in 2017, and hope you enjoy her story.

2017 FOHER Ambassador Brooke McCallum

'It's always tough to know where to start when telling your story, so I guess, like most others, I will start at the beginning. I first got into triathlon at the end of 2013 when I was gifted a group set and got sorted out with a shiny new bike frame. I had been running for a couple of years consistently and had toyed with triathlons for a while as a new challenge. I had avoided triathlons because I didn't want to do the swim and didn't have a bike either. Growing up in Central West NSW meant that I hadn't spent that much time in the water, except for hanging out at the town pool. When I got my hands on my bike AKA "Sirius Black" well, I could no longer avoid the call! 

My first triathlon, thumbs down for the swim







 Pic: My first triathlon - thumbs down for the swim

When I first started swimming and riding too, what I loved most was the challenge of it - learning new skills like bilateral breathing and using cleats. Since my early 20s (and probably even earlier) I have had anxiety. I kind of fell into running as a way to cope. I would pop my headphones in and head out for a run and I found the more often I ran, the less anxiety I was experiencing. Exercise will always be my "anti-depressant". 

Being an anxious person, the night before my first tri I did not sleep. Like at all. Until about 3am and then I had to get up to leave at 5am... I remember crying on the way there and just thinking "why have I signed up for this?!". Being the super competitive person I am, I had also put a lot of pressure on myself by having expectations about my finish time and in particular, my run split. Standing on the start line I was a BUNDLE of nerves... but I met a few other ladies who were doing there first as well and a couple of other women who had reassured me I would be fine. That's one thing that never changes at the start line... I'm a bundle of nerves, and I always meet someone who's having their first go, or has never done an open water swim or someone else just having a crack. I find it really grounding to know there's loads of other women just having a go.

One thing that has changed though... is that despite being super nervous before EVERY race and still joking and saying "why the hell did I choose to do this?!" is my belief in myself, that I CAN do it. Having raced a fair few times now including some long course races I know, that no matter what happens, I'll be ok and get through the race and I've relaxed a lot of the pressure I used to put on myself.

Thanks to this little Miss who was born in December 2015...

Little Miss Matilda
















 Pic: Little Miss Matilda and me

I am super competitive by nature, and have always been a front of the pack runner and middle of the pack triathlete. I was constantly disappointed after training sessions, and frustrated that I wasn't faster. I was never just happy with where I was. While striving to better yourself if admirable, being able to appreciate how far you've come and what you've already achieved is SUPER important!

After Matilda came along (and even before) - I really came to appreciate my body and everything it has allowed me to do. I had always used exercise as a way to cope with my stress and anxiety, and suddenly I wasn't in a position to do so. I had morning sickness for the first 12 weeks, and so I didn't feel like training. Once I started feeling better it had been such a big break that I just didn't know where to start, so I didn't! #laziestpregnancyever

Having Matilda changed everything
















 Pic:  The divine Miss M

Once Tildy was born, it took a while to get back to a point where I felt like I could start training consistently again. But something had changed. No longer was I disappointed with my pace or how hard I had pushed. I was actually really grateful to just be getting out and about. I didn't take my Garmin with me for months, and even now when I do it's more out of curiosity than expectations. It's taken my ego out of training, that's for sure!

Race day





















 Pic: Having a blast on race day!

I have so much respect for my body now and it's something I hope I can pass on to Matilda. By showing her through what I do, I hope she knows  that no matter how nervous I am at the start line, I will always try, and I will never give up and that she will have the courage to as well. It's not about times or places anymore, it really is just about having a go.

I've been trying to out it into words for a while now what has drawn me into triathlons and I guess the best I could come up with us this:

I love the challenge of it. I'm not a natural swimmer, and while I am strong on the bike it doesn't come naturally to me I struggle to relax. But that's all part of it.

I love that before the start of the race I am so anxious. It brings my anxiety to the surface, but I get to face it. I choose to tackle my fears head on. No matter what my mind says, I know deep down that I am strong enough to get through it!

I'm strong enough to get through

I'm super stoked to be part of the amazing FOHER sisterhood and have the support of an amazing of women! '


Tweet: @brickiepedia



Meet Alicia! Its hard to miss this Fohette. Super bright, always positive and with a killer can-do attitude, we are honoured to welcome Alicia back in 2017 after a stellar 2016 representing FOHER. We are delighted to share her tri-journey with you all, so please read on!

“I think sports gave me the first place where this awkward girl could feel comfortable in my own skin. I think that’s true for a lot of women – sports gives you a part of your life where you can work at something and you look in the mirror and you like that person”

Alicia Evans FOHER Ambassador Official FOHETTE

Pic: The gorgeous Alicia Evans, Official Fohette

It was my second ever Olympic distance triathlon and as I finished racking my bike, double and triple checking that all my gear was laid out properly and that nothing was missing I hear the loud speaker crackle. It’s the event announcer. He starts by welcoming everyone and going through todays weather and race conditions. As I listen he goes on to say something that has stuck with me, he says “We’ve had an astounding amount of entrants this year with 70% of the field being male entrants and 30% of the entrants being female”. I think I stood there shocked for a good minute. Looking around I realised there was a sure lack of female athletes around me. I laughed, shocked and in disbelief that a sport that I had only just become involved in, in the last 12months hadn’t seemed so one sided, but truthfully was. While in an actual race, it seems like all the female athletes are your competition, I had never really stood back to look at the actual figures of male vs female athletes in this phenomenal sport called TRIATHLON. Triathlon is relatively new, only being around for about 4 to 5 decades, however it is growing and at a fast pace. Even though it’s growing rapidly, it is still very one sided in regards to female/male entries, so what of it? What’s the big deal? Let’s go back to the very beginning…

Alicia smashing it out on course

Pic: Tearing it up on course

My name is Alicia Evans, I’m a 26 year old Australian, personal trainer, who found her place in the FOHER community back in 2015. I grew up in warm, sunny Queensland, Australia. I was an extremely active kid, trying my hand at all different types of sports while growing up. Including dance, tennis, softball, netball, touch football, track running, long distance running, plus school athletics excellence programs. I don’t think I’ve ever gone a year, since I can remember, where I haven’t been involved in a team or individual sport.  I do remember though growing up and interschool sport being male dominated. The boys were given so many different sporting opportunities and types of sports to choose from, mean while the girls were left with touch football, softball and netball. I remember being one of the girls in a small group of girls who took part in PE (physical education) classes at high school, and I remember thinking “Why don’t any of the other girls want to play?”. Was it that we had male dominated PE teachers? Was it because the classes were male dominated? Was it because we’d all grown up watching male dominated sports on tv and had been subconsciously telling ourselves that “girls weren’t to play sport”? When I was in grade 9, the government took away our interschool sport. That was another blow, not just to all students playing sport, but specifically to the small amount of girls who were playing the few limited sports available to them. It meant that we no longer got to connect with each other, actively move our bodies, improve confidence and learn discipline, but it took away the opportunity for future generation girls to take part in these sports.

Moving on a few years after graduating I found myself competing in my first half marathon. I competed with a friend and it was such an amazing accomplishment to finish something I’d never even looked at before with a friend by my side. There my love for endurance and pain was born. That was the year 2014. I went on to train and race the Noosa Half Marathon in 2015, Sunshine Coast Half Marathon in 2015 and compete in my first ever female only TRIATHLON. I registered with a friend for the Sunshine Coast Tri Pink. An all womens, all levels welcomed, sprint triathlon. We were in KONA, Hawaii when we registered. We had just watched a friend compete in the World Ironman Championships. I remember watching the World Championships and was amazed at the amount of talent on show by the female athletes. They were inspiring, strong, hard working and driven. The top pro females were equally as fast as some of the top finishing pro male athletes.

Meeting Daniela Ryf (2015 and 2016 World Ironman Champion) with one of Alicias best friends, Ash Hunter

Pic: Meeting Daniela Ryf (2015 and 2016 Ironman World Champion) with one of my best friends, Ash Hunter

While in Hawaii, I noticed on my social media account a company called FOHER. A local Queensland, Australian company creating a supportive, fun, driven brand supplying triathlon and sportswear to female athletes. At the point of discovering them I noticed they were looking for their NEW 2016 ambassadors and looking for applicants to apply. They were looking for women who lived healthy, active lives, and those who were interested in inspiring others to live the same. They were looking for triathletes, runners, yogis etc! So, of course I applied. It may have just been the adrenaline from watching the World Championship Ironman race, but something in me told me I HAD to apply. I had just applied for the women’s only Sunshine Coast Pink Tri, so it was all lining up. It’s funny how life does that, don’t you think? The Sunshine Coast Pink Tri was amazing! It was the first sporting event that I had ever been too and involved in where the sole focus was on WOMEN IN SPORT. There was so much support, fun, smiles, love, care and excitement.

Alicia Evans FOHER AmbassadorAlicia Evans FOHER AmbassadorDo you even bike bro FOHER

A place where women in sport were cheered for, celebrated and accepted. I finished the event, and was so stoked. It was so much fun, and I loved connecting and meeting other “first timers”. Little did I know that it would be THAT race that would propel me into the world of triathlon.  It was at the end of this year that I noticed on my social media accounts that a bunch of amazing women had announced they were selected to be a part of the FOHER Ambassador program for 2016. “Oh bugger” I thought, I’ve missed out this time, maybe next year. I watched for the next few days as FOHER shared some of their new ambassadors. Something inside of me urged me to double check my spam folders, just in case FOHER had sent something to say that I had been unsuccessful. LONG AND BEHOLD…in the subject line the words “CONGRATULATIONS”. I WAS successful, but just hadn’t seen the email as it had gone to my spam folder. I jumped up and down and fell off the stool I was sitting on at home in excitement. I accepted right away, and that was that. I entered the world of FEMALES in triathlon and I haven’t looked back. I went on to 2016 where I met my first ever coach Emma, competed in 2 x Gatorade sprint tris, 2 x Olympic distance triathlons (one of which was a pb), 2 x half marathons (both which were pb’s) and my very first and most challenging race, long course triathlon at the Hervey Bay 100.

Alicia Evans FOHER Ambassador Official FOHETTE 

PHEWWW what a year of training and racing. I connected with my fellow FOHER 2016 Ambassador sisters, did photo shoots with them and shared coffee dates. All my triathlons were raced in gorgeous FOHER suits. Super slimline, comfortable, flexible and super cooling. Being a part of the FOHER community has changed everything for me. It’s provided a support group wherever I race. I ALWAYS run into my fellow FOHER sisters at different events throughout the year. I’ve trained with raced with and COFFFFFFEEEE’d with these beautiful ladies.

Supporting Ash Hunter at 70.3 World Ironman Championships with fellow Fohette Courtney Home 

Pic: Supporting Ash Hunter at 70.3 World Ironman Championships with fellow Fohette Courtney Home 

2016 went by so fast with so many amazing memories. But before the year was done, another opportunity popped up with the company to become a 2017 FOHER ambassador. So like the year before, of course I applied, and am SO UNBELIEVBLY excited to announce I have been selected as an ambassador for 2017. Although our sport is obviously male dominated, FOHER and similar companies are changing that!

Women thrive on support, love, care, acceptance and motivation. Our FOHER family is providing just that. Allowing women the confidence to HAVE A GO! And that’s all it takes. Because once you get out there and “have a crack”, you will realise YOU have unbelievable talent and resilience. Female age groups are filling up more and more with every event and THAT my friends is amazing. Next time you see your fellow sisters in the pool, running, walking, racing or even riding, give them a smile and nod. We are all in this together and need to support each other and GROW WOMEN IN SPORT. BIG SHOUTOUT to Hannah and Kylie for creating an environment and sisterhood where ALL women can feel comfortable and accepted and are made to feel UNSTOPPABLE! I hope my story INSPIRES YOU to have a go! See you on course in 2017, say HI!



We are so proud to be able to introduce you to one of  our amazing Ambassadors Christina Ekonomi. Christina is a superwoman, no doubt. Armed with serious determination, a killer positive attitude and twin boys (!!), she is one to turn to for motivation. We'll let her introduce herself ;-) 

'I am so excited and beyond grateful to be asked to be the next Featured Fohette! I'm not the best at writing about myself, but here goes! :) My name is Christina. I'm a wife, marketing manager, triathlete and certified yoga instructor, but my most important job is mommy to amazing twin boys! I live in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA. I don't think there are too many better places in the world to live and train than here!

FOHER Ambassador Christina out training with her gorgeous twin boys!

As a child I always loved to run and some of my fondest childhood memories include running and the races my brother and I staged with our dog Keisha! I loved to run against all the boys in my neighborhood and in gym class. I was most definitely a tomboy and preferred being outside playing sports.

By the time I graduated college, I was too focused on my career to pay much attention to anything else. My fitness and overall well-being suffered in my 20's as I rose the corporate ladder. The bright light in my 20's was meeting my husband. After getting engaged, we decided to make the move to Santa Barbara.

I took up running again shortly before moving to Santa Barbara, completing my first half marathon three months later. Santa Barbara has a wonderful community of athletic minded people. I quickly was embraced by this community and completed my first triathlon in 2011, followed by three more sprint distance triathlons that year.

In 2012, I completed my first Olympic distance tri and qualified for the USAT National Championships. At the same time, I was going through a personal struggle with infertility that only those closest to me knew about. My husband and I were excited to start a family and couldn't understand why it wasn't happening. I backed off the training, missing the championships in hopes that would help speed up the process. It took much longer than we expected, but finally in December 2013 we found out I was pregnant and with twins!

I stopped all training while I was pregnant and spent the majority of my third trimester on bed rest. I gave birth to two healthy baby boys in August 2014. Eight weeks later I got the all clear to start running again.

It felt amazing to get back to running and training, but it wasn't easy. Those first few weeks, I struggled to run 2 miles without stopping. I remember returning from that first run in tears, from both happiness and frustration. I felt like I was starting from scratch with my fitness, but it was more than worth it to have my two precious baby boys.

I kept at it and slowly my endurance and fitness began to return. Running a sub 2 hour half at the Santa Barbara Wine County Half Marathon nine months postpartum gave me confidence that I could return to triathlon and endurance sports fitter and stronger than ever. 

2016 has been a year of new goals and challenges. In March, I competed in my first triathlon (sprint) in 2 1/2 years and took 3rd place in my age group. Another huge confidence boost. Last month I successfully finished my first marathon, one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done. Up next is my first Ironman 70.3 in Tempe, Arizona in October. I plan to do a a sprint and Olympic tri this summer as training races.

Killing it on the bike

The biggest challenge is finding a way to balance it all. I've found being flexible in my training and not beating myself up if I miss a workout or have to switch days to fit it in, key to my success. Most days I'm up way before anyone else in my house. I also squeeze in
workouts during my lunch hour and when the boys are napping. I couldn't do this without the amazing support system I have in my husband and his family who lives near by.

I sincerely hope to set a good example for my boys while motivating others who may be contemplating signing up for their first race or stepping out the door for a first run. If I can do it, anyone can. My ultimate dream related to triathlon is to complete a full Ironman.
2017 may be the year for that dream to become a reality. If you'd like to follow along on my #roadtoironman, check out my blog and instagram @trirun_twinmom. 

The amazing Christina with her twin boys post race

Happy training and racing!






We asked the lovely Megan Hendry to be our first 2016 Ambassador Program Featured Fohette. Megan has such an interesting background, living and training in a relatively rural part of Australia, and I’m sure we can all related to her first time triathlon experience! We are just so excited to have gals like Megan repping for us and can’t wait to see her smash her first ever 70.3!  Here is her story, and we hope you love it as much as we do :-)

Training Picture 2

Megans selfie game is strong! Follow  her on instagram @mhendry89

‘It is such as honour to be asked to be a Featured Fohette for this incredible Aussie Company. My name is Megan Hendry, I’m a 26yr old from Far North Queensland. Living, working and playing in a small community of Yungaburra.

So Yungaburra….where is that. Good question. Yungaburra is where I was born and raised. It’s a small regional town about 1hr south west of Cairns. Growing up here was great, heaps of room to run around play with the family and just be a kid. My family consist of me, my three older brothers (Scotty, Matt and Jason) and Mum and Dad. Having the older brothers around as a kid was fantastic and I wouldn’t change a thing, they also taught me a lot, eat your food before they take it, you’re one of the boys and just live with it, (I learnt to love it) bruises from backyard sport are an everyday occurrence and be competitive because they will not let you win unless you do it fair and square.

I’ve always had a fairly active and sporty background, growing up I played every sport the area had to offer water polo, futsal, netball, squash, hockey, soccer, car racing, mountain biking, touch football, golf, athletics…you name it I most likely tried it. Could never sit still as a kid, not much better now-a-days either.

After school I moved to the Sunshine Coast to study outdoor education and then moved west of Brisbane to Forest Hill to work in school adventure camps for 5 yrs. Taking kids and adults rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, mountain biking and hiking. Fantastic and rewarding job, the fact that I got to be out and about teaching people new skills and helping them to overcome a lot of fears.

Now it was travel time, the travel bug had caught me after a few small trips to NZ, Fiji, Samoa and Japan. Now it was time to set off on a big adventure. USA and Canada for 18 months here I come. I picked up a position in a summer camp in New York State, travelling the country for 8 weeks with the kids – AMAZING. After the camp finish I headed North to Canada. 6 months in the snow, snowboarding and adventures, then summer time, swapped the snowboard for the downhill bike. Like I said, can’t sit still. You only live once, so why not make the most of it.

All adventures eventually come to a close, time to come back to reality and real life. Headed home back to Yungaburra after 8 years away was a little different but also a lot the same. I decided to join my local fire department and become an Auxiliary Firefighter. A chance to do something completely different and give back to the community.  Stressful at times when your pager goes off in the middle of the night for a structure fire, or during work for a car accident and sometimes smack bang in the middle of a training session for a grass fire. But it is amazing, the things you learn, the crew I work with and the adrenaline rush cannot be matched. Fun trying to remember to put the pager in the cycling jersey every time I head out, haha.

Settled back in now and it was time to ‘tri’ something new, and that’s when triathlons came to the picture. It was about September 2014 and I saw an ad on TV for Soldier On Triathlon in Yungaburra. Why not, it’s in my home town, easy to get to and know the area. I thought yep, I can do this. I own a Mountain bike, runners and a sports bra…surely that’s all you need. Done, sign me up. So I did. Sprint Distance triathlon in November 2014. Having never run more than 5k in one go, this was going to be right at the edge of my limits, but hey, not better time than the present to step out of that comfort zone.

So November rolled around, I had done some swim training, been out on the mountain bike and made sure I could run in fact still run the dreaded 5k. Just to challenge me a bit more, 3 days before the event I was offered a friends road bike, so I pump up the road tyres (googled how to do that) and off I went attempting to ride this skinny tyred machine.

Race day…yep looking like a compete newbie. With a bit of help and a lot of watching others I had the bike racked, numbers in the right place and started in the right wave of people. So off we went, swim was great, my strong point after years of waterpolo, the kicking and crazy arms involved in that sport defiantly helped me on the start line. Out of the water, woo hoo. Now ride they say… I had never attempted to ride after swimming. Legs didn’t want to work for the first few kilometres. Once they got going I got into the swing of things and felt great on this road bike. So much easy up the tableland hills than the mountain bike, then Running…….ohhh running. My weakest by far. But I finished, ran the whole thing yay. Getting to experience that rush of the finish line and people cheering you on was so incredible. Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if you tried. Biggest surprise for the day was the results. I somehow managed 4th lady overall in my very first sprint distant. Excited and shocked was an understatement. That is when I thought, man that was such an awesome day I want to do it again and again….there formed my love of triathlons.

From there, I received a beautiful Pinarello Paris for Christmas and have never looked back. Purchased the cheapest pair of tri shoes and cleats that I could find and I was set. (Still own and use that same ones) Did the next few triathlons in my same cheap sports bra and $5 bike shorts (NO padding haha). After a few of those I signed up for Townsville Tri fest and invested in my first Tri Suit… man they make a difference.

Late 2015 after seeing a number of these Foher suits around and noticing they had sponsored some events around the area, I did some research into purchasing a new suit and then noticed they were looking for 2016 Ambassadors. Bingo, why not throw my name in the mix with the other amazing athletes out there and see how I go.

I was like a little kid in a candy shop when I received the email to say they are had picked me. Super excited and surprised and excited again. Then excitement overload when I got to pick my new Foher super suit  – ORANGE, no way that was definately going to be mine. My favourite colour by far. So now with this amazing company backing me, bring on 2016, Big year, big goals, big smiles.


Rocking her fav FOHER Supersuit Colour Heatwave!

Since that first triathlon my love of the sport has grown and grown. Raced the soldier on triathlon again in 2015, but this time was the Olympic Distance. So happy to say that I managed 3rd place lady overall position. I was the happiest person around. Big smiles all day and then next few weeks. And this year has started so well. Sprint Distance at Tinaroo with the Cairns Crocs and I managed my first ever win. I was starting to believe that training was paying off. Also got to meet a fellow Far Northern Fohette – Clare Zappala. Foher Domination as she came in 2nd in our age group to make it and 1 – 2 finish.

Post Tinaroo Race

First ever win at the Cairns Crocs Lake Tinaroo Triathlon in February 2016

2016 is the year for big goals. I decided after spectating last year’s Cairns Ironman Festival I was going do that. So come entry time I did it without thinking. Cairns 70.3 in June that’s the goal. Just to finish but finish running. Super excited and cannot wait.

Training up on the Atherton Tablelands can be interesting at time. I do 80% of my training solo which is great for mental toughness but can be hard at times. I have found a  swim squad for Tuesday and Thursday nights and recently started road riding on a Saturday morning with a local group. Group riding for the first time was very nerve racking but slowly getting the hang of it. As for running, I just get out there and do it…..well try to do it.

Eacham Training

Training in the beautiful Lake Eacham

Overall, life, training and triathlons up on the tablelands is pretty amazing. For anyone out there considering a triathlon I say do, just give it a try. It’s an awesome sport; social, fun, fitness and an achievement. Go on, you got this.’