Hello Legends! An Update from our Pro Penny Slater

August 10, 2021 4 min read 2 Comments

Hello Legends! An Update from our Pro Penny Slater

Welcome to our PRO Penny Slater's blog update! We asked Penny to share her thoughts on a few things, including her foray into the Professional ranks and what it's like to be an elite female in a male dominated sport, as well as her recent debut over the IRON distance at IRONMAN Cairns! We hope you enjoy the read.

Kylie Anderson

Owner FOHER Co


Hello FOHER Co legends!

Firstly if you’re reading this you’ve probably bought or are thinking of purchasing one of the PRO series collection garments, and I want to thank you so much for this. Receiving a portion of proceeds from the sale of kits from the PRO Collection means a great deal to me because you’re not only supporting me but the broader cause of women in sport.

Pic: FOHER Co Professional Female Triathlete Penny Slater wearing her custom Flyfront Triathlon Suit from her namesake PRO Collection. 

I can be hesitant to talk about what it is like being a professional female athlete and I want to acknowledge how lucky I am to be in a sport where equal prize money is common place. Speaking honestly, triathlon for all intense and purposes looks equal between men and women, but when you get to the elite end there are some differences that many people miss or perhaps are ignored due to the fact that there are other sports that are much more unequal than triathlon.

Prize money aside, one of the major differences is exposure around races. Very often in pre-race and post-race write ups the men's race is almost always mentioned first and the women’s race at the end almost as an afterthought. This filters down into the broadcasting in which the men's race is pretty much always front and centre, even when there are world class female athletes often tearing into the back/middle of the men’s field. This can then play into sponsorship opportunities for the female pros, as we do not have as much exposure and therefore less of a chance to market ourselves. Also men tend to be inherently more confident, or at least come across that way, making it easier for them to deal with or attain sponsors.

FOHER Co Professional Female Triathlete Penny Slater at the IRONMAN Cairns finish 

Pic: FOHER Co Professional Female Triathlete Penny Slater on her finish at her debut IRONMAN in Cairns. Pic: @polizzi

However, I do also acknowledge that it is very individual to each person male or female and their achievements and influence when it comes to securing sponsors.

Thanks if you’ve made it this far I just wanted to be honest about my experience thus far, and please remember it is my own experience, others may have had very different ones.

So I’ve had a lot of people ask what’s next for me?

Well once I finally came off the high and analysis of what I could have done better at IRONMAN Cairns I had to have a serious think about what the rest of the year will look like for me.

But first a little on IM Cairns, which feels like such a long time ago now!

Overall I was very happy with my performance, I struggled much more on the bike than I thought I would, that last hour into the headwind almost killed me… When I got onto the run I was so happy my legs didn’t feel like they were going to fall off, well straight away anyway ;) But seriously the atmosphere out on the run course was insane, I’ve never experienced anything like it and it definitely gave me a boost to run hard. I crossed that finish line very happy with 4th but not totally satisfied as I know that I have much more to learn and improve on.

FOHER Co Professional Female Triathlete Penny Slater on the bike at IRONMAN Cairns 

Pic: FOHER Co Professional Female Triathlete Penny Slater on the bike at IRONMAN Cairns. Pic @jdcarrots

Once I got back from Cairns I made the tough decision to withdraw from the 70.3 World Championship in Utah as the financial burden and logistical nightmare that travelling is at the moment didn’t seem worth it.

However, since the worsening Covid-19 situation in Australia again I have also been questioning that decision a LOT.  I will stay put and hope that I will be able to race Sunny coast 70.3, Western Sydney 70.3, Noosa Triathlon and Melbourne 70.3.

I am currently struggling with what’s been one of the coldest Canberra winters so am hoping to head north soon to some sunnier weather.

I’m super excited for the next chapter of being a full time athlete and hope that I can do everyone who has supported me proud, including you guys.

I am so privileged to be in this position and have the opportunity to be out doing what I love every day.

So thank you for reading and supporting it means so much and I hope to see you out on the race course soon.

FOHER Co Professional female triathlete Penny Slater and FOHER Co Owner Kylie Anderson chillin it post IRONMAN Cairns

Pic: FOHER Co Professional female triathlete Penny Slater and FOHER Co Owner Kylie Anderson chillin it post IRONMAN Cairns. Both athletes debuted in Cairns over the IRON distance.

From your friend,

Pen x




2 Responses

Pauline McCann
Pauline McCann

September 16, 2022

Great to read your story and learn a little more about you. It can’t be an easy time for a pro athlete at the moment with all the race cancellations that are happening. It’s tough enough for us age groupers, I can only imagine how hard it is for you as a pro to stay race fit, never really knowing when and if a race will go ahead.
I love watching the top women in the sport racing and I love your attitude. Thanks for the insight into your training and racing and I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.
Wishing all the best in the future.

Denise Hogan
Denise Hogan

September 16, 2022

Go Penny! What a wonderful Athlete you are, and Foher is just so fortunate that you are their Foher Pro. Keep it up and maintain the momentum. You are truly an inspiration to us all. XXX

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