Fancy an ultra? FOHER Co Ambassadors Nadine and Malcolm suit up for a race like no other.

February 27, 2021 4 min read 1 Comment

Fancy an ultra? FOHER Co Ambassadors Nadine and Malcolm suit up for a race like no other.

An ultra triathlon is a race like no other. But as athletes transition from enticer, to sprint, to half, to full they are looking to challenge themselves further, to find out what their bodies and minds are capable of. Fortunately, there are increasing numbers of races that now accommodate such incredible goals.

Ultra 355 is the 'new' ultra distance triathlon and represents a stepping stone from full iron distance to Ultraman distance events. The inaugural Australian event begins on Saturday 27th March 2021. Over three gruelling days, athletes will complete:

Day 1: 5km swim/100km ride

Day 2: 200km ride

Day 3: 50km run

Two FOHER Co Class of 2021 Ambassadors, Malcolm Wesener and Nadine Burns will be flying the new Class of 2021 Colours and tackling this new race.

Day Three 50km Run Recap from Nadine:

Sometimes in life we come across the most selfless and amazing people. These 2 guys today were my heroes 🥰 they picked me up on my second lap when I was in a deep dark place of despair. They selflessly gave up their own race and ambitions to ensure we all made it to the finish line together, and I am so grateful 🙏🏻Tough day out again and wasn’t feeling great this morning after yesterday’s effort 🤢 managed to get the 50kms done and am currently resting experiencing the worst post race muscles pains etc ever 😂😂😂😂
Massive shout out to my coach, Scotty 😉 the brains behind the operation to get me through 👏🏻And of course my awesome parents, husband and bestie for providing the best on course entertainment and cheering, couldn’t have done it without you guys ❤️And Hayley, gutted your race didn’t go to plan but you were such a great sport and all round legend. Same time next year?!? Haha jokes!!!
Thank you all for your support and well wishes, I’m beyond stoked! 🥰
Definitely not doing that again 😳
And Malcolm adds:
'Fuck that was brutal.......'
Until next time folks, thankyou for joining us!

Day Two 200km Ride Recap from Nadine:

This is the face of complete and utter exhaustion.
FOHER Co Ambassador Nadine recaps here Ultra355 200km ride
Pic: FOHER Co Ambassador Nadine crossing the Day 2 200km Bike finish line.
Talk about hardest day out 🥵🥵🥵 came through the first lap 100kms feeling pretty good. Second lap the heat took its toll and the 30kms back to the bay into a headwind was just too much for these little legs. The cut off time for day 2 was 8 hours which meant I needed to maintain 25km/h for the duration. Which turned out quiet a challenge when you add in toilet stops, water refills, stopping at the worlds longest traffic lights etc etc. The course ended up being 205kms. I came in just over the 8 hours (8:03) but they let me through to day 3 given the extra kms and technically I had finished 200kms in 7:50. Needed some assistance at the finish line as my bike and I had become one 😅 literally never been so buggered in my life. Time to rest and rehydrate for tomorrow’s 50km run... hahaha I’m gonna die 🤪
Day One 5km Swim/100km Ride' Brain Dump' Recap from Malcolm:

Ultra triathlete Malcolm recaps Day One of Ultra 355

'Wake up, stupid o'clock, get ready today is Day One, 5km swim and 100km bike, take the bike to transition, the team notices the definitive silence from me, yes I'm shitting myself, four times I walked back into the transition, what the heck have I forgotten, drive 5k to the swim start, thinking while driving omg it's a long way driving, and now I have to swim that far 😯, get to the swim start, wow conditions are absolutely perfect, get into the swim feeling great, swim was fast, tried to turn to the last buoy and felt like an 18yo drifting in his corolla, get to the bike and off we go, all going well first hour was nice, all on track, second hour the same and felt good, then all hell explodes in my legs, cramped like I never have before, stopped on the side of the road, will I ever get to the finish, 'enjoyed' some road rage from the locals, get to the finish line, Coke get me a Coke I'm dying, thank God that was done, now to recover, sleep, eat and get ready to ride 200 tomorrow, with a completely new race plan from what I came to Hervey Bay with. See you tomorrow team 👌'

And onward we go! Best of luck to you all!


On race eve, we asked Nadine to share with us her pre-race thoughts:

FOHER Co Ambassador Nadine Burns shares her pre ultra triathlon race thoughts

Pic: FOHER Co Class of 2021 Ambassador Nadine Burns prepping to race Ultra355

'Pre race thoughts, feelings and nerves. Haha complete excitement over here! Actually Feeling excited for the swim, have been working hard on my swim the last few months so am excited to toe that start line. Yesterday was a little daunting standing on the beach and seeing the jetty (our swim finish) 5kms away but once I had a practice swim, I felt comfortable and confident.

The ride seems quiet exposed to the sun the entire way, few punchy hills thrown in as well, bikes in top knick 👌🏻 so keen to see what happens out there. Nervous? Haha of course, I think everyone will be.

Tough week in the lead up to the event. After training so hard for so long, was at a bit of a loss with all the spare time I now had. Super ridiculously over the top paranoid at work with people coughing and sneezing and coming to work sick haha drive everyone insane. Felt better once I arrived in Hervey Bay and have had a look around, drove the course and familiarised myself with everything ☺️ bring it on! 💪🏻'.

We wish Nadine, Malcolm and our third Ambassador Brendan, along with each and every competitor the best of luck. Race hard and have fun!

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Taryn charlton
Taryn charlton

March 16, 2021

You are both superstars!!! Absolutely amazing effort from both of you!

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