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FOHER Co goes a deeper shade of green!

Since our launch in 2014, FOHER Co has been committed to sustainable fashion.  We recognise the importance of staying on top of our own health and wellbeing, and here at FOHER Co we care about the health and wellbeing of our ecosystems and communities too. We consider our garments 'slow' fashion. That is, we create high quality, durable, unique, personalised garments in limited editions. Our garments are produced with great care and as such may take longer than usual to make, but once they drop, they are classic and never go out of season.

We are very proud to announce that our new womens swimsuits are eco-concious! So if you don't want to f*ck up our environment, make a choice and swim in FOHER Co. 

Over two years in design and development, searching for the right fabrics and testing and tweaking designs. Our new swimsuit collection is limited edition and exclusively designed with innovative reconstructed recycled fibres upcycled from plastic sourced from ghost nets and other industrial plastic waste that would otherwise be polluting oceans and endangering wildlife like our precious and highly endangered sea turtles.

The first step in this amazing process is the recovery of industrial waste such as ghost nets from oceans all over the world. That waste is sorted and cleaned to recover as much nylon as possible, which is then put through a radical regeneration and purification that transforms it back into virgin nylon. The fibres are then ready to be processed into textile yarns. For every swimsuit we make from recycled plastic, we save using crude oil and we avoid CO2 emissions. How good would it feel to be reducing your global warming impact by choosing FOHER Co recycled nylon swimmers? 

Our amazing swimsuit fabric has spent over 8800 hours in the pool being is intensively tested. It is versatile, will retain its shape 5 x longer than your average swimsuit, its hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, stretchy, soft and breathable, and provides a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort. Thanks to its innovative construction, it is twice as resistant to chlorine and suntan creams and oils than our competitors’ fabrics. It also provides UPF 50+ sun protection. Win win.


More about FOHER Co Technology 

De Farq is Technology? Why should you care what your garments are made out of? Because you feel it on your body. Your garment should fit you well, the colour shouldn't fade, and it should keep its shape so you can focus on your performance.

Before we commenced the manufacture of our garments, we spent years in research and development. We then spent more months testing and quite literally put our samples through the wringer so we could bring you the ultimate lifestyle and performance garments. We have smashed out run and cycle seshes over ranges and valleys, swum in the filthiest canals, sat on concrete pool decks, washed and rewashed them to test their strength! We have designed a range of garments that we love, and we stand confidently behind our technology, our garment quality and their performance.

Here's further insight into FOHER Co garment technology:


Our trisuit chamois are designed specifically for triathletes looking for maximum performance and comfort. The textured surface allows for optimal moisture transfer, whilst the non-absorbant, high density foam padding guarantees your optimum comfort, adapting quickly from swim to bike. The highly elastic, all way stretch fabric provides total freedom of movement and excellent fit, eliminating friction as you cycle and run.


Have you seen our seams! For starters, there are 50% less seams around the chamois than the majority of other trisuits on the market! Further, the single seam has been positioned so that you will not experience the usual irritating roughness right on your soft bits that usually happens when on your bike! Our unique chamois seam construction aims to reduce the likelihood of chafe, ensuring your comfort for optimal performance.

We use a variety of different seam technology along with soft fluffy thread to bring you unparalleled comfort and garment strength. Together with our manufacturers, we developed a unique stitch to ensure soft curved seams around the chamois because lets face it, your hoo-haa shouldn't have to suffer! Flatlocking and twin-stitching where necessary on the one and two pieces ensures streamlined comfort on the rest of the body.

Bra Construction

One of the most important aspects in the design of our suits was the built in support crop. It had to be supportive, but not restrictive. Hence, it’s design is an integral part of the outer garment providing brassiere-like breast support using a horizontal elasticised strap.


Gripper free. Our tri bottoms feature a more generous waistband for ladies who prefer a little more coverage. No more muffin top! For those who don't mind, the waistband may be folded over so that it sits lower on the hip. 

Leg Bands

We use two different leg band systems, depending on the garment.

1. Gripper Free. Even before we started our research, we decided that the old style leg band grippers were not for us. In our experience, grippers dug in, caused chafing and restricted the natural movement of garments. Our smoochy tri bottoms and run hipsters feature gripper free legbands, meaning that the fabric, which is supposed to move with your body, actually can!  Swim to ride to run you will find that the garment moves with you, adopting a neutral position ensuring your comfort through the entire race. As an added bonus - no more sausage leg! You're welcome :)

2. Power Band. We use an Italian silicon injection power system to gently yet firmly hold the leg bands in place on our performance trisuits and bibshorts. The 7.5cm wide band eliminates pinching and shifting during long rides and races, and offers perfect flexibility for all leg shapes and sizes.


The technology of FOHER's chosen Performance fabric is unequalled in multisport garment design. Innovative and exclusive technical functionality paired with extraordinary quality results in numerous advantages for those who wear FOHER garments during multisport activities. Leisure, training, competitive racing? We have you covered!


Microfibre Polyamide (PA)
Elastane (EA - LYCRA®)

Weight 218 g/m2


Our performance garments are so comfortable and feel so great that when you get your FOHER on, you won’t want to take it off!

The tridimensional elasticity of the fabric and high percentage and unique blend of multiple types of LYCRA® fibres permits perfect freedom of movement, superior fit as well as effective shaping for a flattering silhouette. The fabric is extraordinarily soft to the touch so that it fits like a second skin. All this means unparalleled comfort for you.

The LYCRA® and polyamide fibres together create a single thread meaning our fabric is lighter than others on the market despite the g/m. Additionally, the innovative fabric blend means impeccable wearability and maximum retention of the garment shape, even after heavy training sessions and repeated washing.

As with all fabrics, our performance fabric will give a little the more you wear it.


What’s the big deal with compression? Compression garments have been used for ages in the medical scene because they provide support, may reduce swelling and assist in the prevention of deep vein thrombosis. Remember your first aid? RICE? Rest, ice, COMPRESSION and elevation? Recent research has shown that by using compression garments, there are a number of potential areas where a competitive advantage may be gained in the sporting arena too. A great summary of recent research by Lee Wallace and his team in Sports Coach Magazine (28:4) suggests that the advantages may include:

  • enhancing blood circulation to peripheral limbs
  • reducing blood lactate concentration during maximal exercise bouts
  • enhancing warm-up via increases in skin temperature
  • increasing vertical jump height
  • improving repetitive jump power
  • reducing muscle oscillation upon ground contact
  • increasing torque generated about joints, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury
  • enhancing recovery following strenuous exercise by aiding in the removal of blood lactate and improving subsequent exercise performance
  • reducing the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness in the days following strenuous exercise
  • increasing feelings of positive leg sensations both during and following strenuous exercise

Wow! Wallace and his pals go on to write that compression garments may offer several ergogenic benefits for athletes across a multitude of sporting backgrounds. In particular, compression garments may improve blood circulation, muscular power, strength, enhance recovery following intense exercise and improve proprioception. 

We want all our athletes to perform to their very best. As you improve in your sport you most likely will want to go harder, faster and for longer! Our Signature fabric’s key characteristics may help you achieve your goals. The warp-knit structure of our performance fabric means that a constant level of elasticity and therefore consistent compression pressure is maintained over time. Reduced fabric thickness and strong shape preservation capabilities mean that the fabric envelopes your muscles evenly giving maximum support and freedom of movement during all of your physical activities.

Body Moisture Management

We FOHER gals know that keeping cool and dry in the heat of training and racing is imperative! You need to sweat…it’s your body’s cooling system, but "ain't nobody got time for chafe!" As you sweat, the open honeycomb structure of our fabric allows air to circulate between the fibres. As the air circulates through and across the surface of the fabric, it draws the moisture away with it via evaporation. The fineness of our fabric means that the drying time of our performance garments are extremely short, and much faster than other fabrics used in sporting garments.

This breathable quality makes our fabric cooler and more hygienic than most other fabrics, meaning that our performance garments contain the most intelligent body moisture system on the market.

Sun Protection

Your health is very important to us. The Australian sun can be extremely harsh and more than ever there is a focus on sun protection. Thanks to the special construction of our performance fabric and the use of super-opaque microfibres, the fabric filters the sun’s rays. All of your FOHER garments have been tested against Australian standards and provide you with SPF 50+ level of protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Chlorine Schmorine

FOHER fabric laughs in the face of chlorine!

Thanks to the special construction of the fabric, where the LYCRA® fibres are nestled within the microfibre, your garment is five times more resistant to the corrosive action of chlorine than other types of chlorine-resistant elastane. Your garment is also protected from salt, mould and the corrosive agents found in sun creams and oils. Multiple threads within the knit add strength and eliminates running if the fabric is snagged.

Our fabric has been rated against strict KCl, pilling and abrasion ISO International Standards.

Ecofriendly All The Way

We love our beautiful Australian environment and believe in the value of international conservation. We want future generations of multisport athletes to enjoy what we have, the stunning natural climes over which we traverse and train, the oceans in which we race.

Our chosen fabric is produced in a sustainable, eco-compatible way that contributes to the ongoing protection of the environment. The key characteristics of our fabrics allow the environmental impact of the product to be reduced to a minimum for its entire life.